Last week, I made the most nerve-wracking decision of my life.

Except that it wasn’t nerve-wracking before I did it.

No, it took a few days to settle in. After which, the pressure came and I became so stressed that I am terrified.

I quit my corporate job after spending my 7 years in the industry.  And I left without a solidified backup.

You might be thinking, that’s stupid. Why would you quit a job without having the next one lined up?

Here was my thought process:

  • My fiancé accepted a job offer in LA. One that he was excited about and would be a significant pay raise.
  • I’ve been itching about pursuing this dream career. After much trial and error, I’ve figured out what my passion was- and have been thinking nonstop about taking the leap and pursuing it full time.

So here I am, nervous and anxious. Moving to LA in a month not only without a paycheck but also without health insurance, a fully maxed 401k for the year and a clear conscience.

So why am I telling you all this?

It is a little bit related to financial literacy, security and success. The reason I’m able to quit without a solidified plan B is because I’ve been squirreling away a portion of each paycheck throughout the years into an emergency fund. The purpose of this fund was so I could still live and pay bills in case of an emergency, like I unexpectedly had to take time away from my job.

This is me, hoarding cash like acorns before a long winter.

Eventually, my emergency fund grew enough that it become an “F you” fund. No, you don’t have throw any “F yous” around when you use it.  But your level of financial security is high enough that you could say something like, “F it, let’s go away for awhile”.

This “F you” fund buys you freedom and flexibility, like time before having to find your next opportunity. This saves you from the stress, anxiety and general unhappiness that comes with being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, which is priceless.

You see, my heart wasn’t in my day-to-day work. So I decided to take a break from it. What I’ve learned is that I love financial planning and helping others gives me meaning and purpose. Combined, it means my next step is to do something that helps give others opportunity for financial security and success. So here I am, trying to live out my dream. Thanks for being a part of it.