Welp, I finally went and got myself one of them jobs.

6 months of (f)un(ish)employment is now coming to a close. I start my new gig Monday.

The past 6 months went by so fast. We got engaged, found out we were moving to LA, actually moved, went on some vacations and settled into our new home. I left my previous job when FM accepted his new job offer, thinking that the move was a good time to re-evaluate, explore and focus more on my interests (side hustles).

I definitely got to do all of those things, which was really like a taste of early retirement.

But surprisingly, I didn’t love every bite. Which was shocking because what’s not to like about not working?  Everything I griped about at my job disappeared- waking up early, commuting, sitting in an office for 8+ hours, unproductive meetings, unproductive work, annoying coworkers, egos….

person lying on lounge chair facing at the swimming pool

Early retirement…not exactly like this.


Better to figure it out sooner than later, I guess.

Here’s some things I liked:

  • Autonomy
  • Being creative whenever it strikes
  • Going back to Seattle whenever I wanted for a week at a time just to hang out
  • Hanging out with our puppy 24/7 (literally, we both get separation anxiety now)

And things that weren’t so great:

  • Lack of structure
  • Loneliness
  • Cabin fever
  • My dwindling emergency fund

To sum it up, I really liked the freedom and flexibility of early retirement. I got to sleep and wake up late, which jives with my circadian rhythm. I got to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and create value for myself on my own terms (not just for clients on my boss’ terms!). My typical day usually consisted of working on side hustles: fulfilling skin care products for Etsy shop #1, creating digital products for Etsy shop #2, managing my Airbnb remotely, working on writing skills, study for my financial counseling certificate and pursuing anything that seemed interesting.

However, I found out that I’m not amazing at creating structure and self-discipline. In fact, I’m amazingly horrible at it. When all day, every day is an opportunity for incredible productivity, I end up working for a few hours and then binging Netflix. Whoops.

Gilmore Girls Netflix binge

Gilmore Girls circa 2002- my current love. Image from imdb.com


And because we just moved to this new city, we don’t have many friends. I also don’t have a car. So when FM is at work, I’d spend most days at home all day, with minimal interaction with humans except for the occasional visit to Starbucks or the boba shop where I’d tell the barista my order. Not healthy.

Cute dog

FD (Findependent Dog): my only consistent source of interaction during the day. He’s incredibly cute but doesn’t really talk back.

So not only have I been re-evaluating what I want in permanent early retirement, I’ve been actively job searching since September. I’ve probably sent in close to a hundred job applications. Most of which I didn’t hear back from, including one where I spent a whole day writing a thorough AF cover letter and one where I heard nothing even after two interviews. It’s been a struggle.

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of those usual Glassdoor email alerts on new job postings that fit my search criteria.  It was a marketing role for a financial tech start up. I immediately updated my resume to mirror their job description, wrote a short (requested) cover letter and cold messaged the hiring manager on LinkedIn.

A phone call, in-person interview, and anxious week of waiting later, I found out I got the job.

I am so excited for this new opportunity. It’s definitely the best role/boss/team/company I’ve seen in this whole job search. It fits my general marketing + random other stuffs background perfectly. PLUS, it’s only a 30-minute driving commute, which for LA standards is pretty good. Or so I’m told.

Opening scene of La La Land. Man, do I miss the walkability/public transportability of Seattle. Image from lionsgate


So now, I’m mentally preparing for the addition of this new main hustle. That’s how I’m trying to look at it- not as a job, but as my primary project. This also means re-prioritizing the side projects since most of my time and energy will go towards this main one. And readjusting to commutes, rigid structures and other people around.

Wish me luck!