Last week, I made the most nerve-wracking decision of my life.

Except that it wasn’t nerve-wracking before I did it.

No, it took a few days to settle in. After which, the pressure came down and I became so stressed that I am now terrified.

I quit my corporate job- after spending my whole career in the same line of work. Corporate consulting is all I know. And I left without a solidified backup.

You might be thinking, that’s stupid. Why would you quit a job without having the next one lined up?

Here was my thought process:

  • My fiancé accepted a job offer in LA. One that he was excited about and would be a significant pay raise.
  • I’ve been unsatisfied with my career and role. There are times I liked my work, but I was definitely there to make a living.
  • I’ve been thinking nonstop about pursuing my passion and taking the leap to do it full time. I’ve been experimenting with entrepreneurship the last couple of years, and had a lot of fun.

So here I am, nervous, anxious and moving to LA in a month- with no paycheck , no health insurance, no 401k. I am giving myself 9 months to pursue my heart’s work, before going back to what I was doing before.

From rainy Seattle to palmy LA…ok not too bad

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s a little bit related to financial literacy, security and success. The reason I’m able to quit my job is because I’ve been squandering a portion of each paycheck throughout the years into an emergency fund. The purpose of this fund was so I could still pay my bills in case of an emergency, like a layoff.

Eventually though, my emergency fund grew enough that it become an “f you” fund. This is when things get exciting. I was financially secure enough that if something happened in my personal life where I needed time off or if there was a bad situation at work, I could walk away.  “F you” funds give you options, like walking away from bad situations and buys you time before having to find your next opportunity.

The reason I left is because my heart wasn’t in my day-to-day work. It’s in helping others gain financial knowledge and skills, so that they can have financial literacy, security and success. So here I am, trying to live out my dream. Thanks for being a part of it.


Whatcha doing? Just chasing my dreams.